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''MAKA'' CNC Bewerkingscentrum type PA 37

Maka PA 37.jpg

For high-speed machining of aluminium profiles.

The universal high-speed cutting centre PA 37 of heavy structure with mobile gantry drive was specially designed for the demanding precision machining of large-scale profile sections. Manufacturers of technique profiles in the vehicle and railway vehicle industry as well as aluminium press plants and manufactures of sanitary articles, of windows, front doors and facade profiles profit from the possibiliy of machining from 6 sides.

Outstanding feature of the machine is its high flexibility: routing, sawing, drilling, cutting threads can be performed in almost any angle; the heavy-duty routing unit and the large tool magazine allow complete machining processes with only one clamping. Thick-walled profiles and even solid components with high chip removing capacity can be economically machined with contstant quality. Dynamic rigid design, guides free from backlash, minimum quality lubrication, solid clamping technique with rapidly adjustable table cross bars, chip evacuation with a large-scale chip collecting bin, controller version of latest technology and fiels-proven MAKA 5 5-axis technology are only some of the advantages of the PA 37 series, guaranteeing high routing performance with optimum results.

Technical data:

  • Controller: Siemens 840 D with integrated PC in the mobile panel or BWO 920 with prepared network interworking
  • Routing spindle: HSK F 63, water cooled, 12 kW, available from 12,00 rpm, infinitively variable speed regulation up to 24,00 rpm
  • Unit: Universal routing with a Z axis stroke of 800 mm, A 540, B +/- 98
  • Extraction: chip collection basket mounted to the unit, vertically adjustable via CNC, central connection
  • Axis drives: X-axis toothed rack, Y-axis toothed rack, Z-axis recirculating ball screws
  • Machine table: 8 steel supporting bars, rapidly adjustable
  • Clamping: 2 clamping stations
  • Protection device: accompanying cabin with safety bumpers Working area in 3-axis operation: Condition tool dia. 160 mm, total length 160 mm. X = 600 mm, Y = 7,400 mm, Z = 420 mm
  • Working area in 5-axis operation: Condition tool dia. 160 mm, total tool length 160 mm. X = 600 mm, Y = 7,000 mm, Z = 420 mm
  • Travel speeds: X = 45 m/min, Y = 45 m/min, Z = 24 m/min, A/B = 10,000/min
  • Tool changer: Features chain-type tool magazine qith 12 tool places (standard) or optionally 16, 24, 32 tool places; dia 160 mm, total length 160 mm (max dia. 90 mm with 24, 32 places); tool weight max. 6 kg, a saw blade with a dia. of max. 350 mm covers 3 places. (5 with 24, 32 places)

Intallation details:

Machine weight approx. 8,500 kg
Required space approx. 4,600 x 12,000 x 3,600 mm (w x l x h)


Maka PA 37.jpg