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''MAKA'' CNC Machining Centre CR 27 with 5-Axis Technology


for high-speed machining of wood-derived products and aluminium.

The design of the CR 27 is based on a field-proven concept. Machines with stationary gantry enable high travelling dynamics and thus stand for first-class routing results. This series meets the high standard of those manufacturers requiring three-dimensional machining and machining on multiple sides. This machining centre has been designed for precise machining operations and is used in the vehicle and vehicle equipment industry, by manufacturers of components for technical products as well as by manufacturers of furniture. The CR 27 for the machining of aluminium is of special design and specifically suited to the requirements of light metal machining.

Dynamic rigid design, a high-duty routing unit and a large tool magazine together with the field-proven 5-axis technology allow complete machining operations with only one clamping. Due to the machine design with mobile tables, precision is achieved with high dynamics. A special tool place for a saw blade with a max. dia. of 450 mm can optionally be provided in the chain-type tool changer. A vertically adjustable protection and extraction bin reduces the danger from ejected chips and dust.

Technical Data

  • Controlller: Siemens 840 D with integrated PC in mobile panel or alternatively BWO 920-C with prepared network interworking
  • Routing spindle: HSK F 63, water-cooled, 12 kW available from 12,000 rpm, infinitevely variable speed regulation up to 24,000 rpm.
  • Universal unit: with Z axis stroke 800 mm, A 540°, B +/- 98°, A/B mounted at an angle of 50°
  • Extraction: Dust and chip collecting basket mounted to the unit, vertically adjustable via CNC, extraction connection 1x dia. 300
  • Axis drive technology: Digital servo drives, X axis toothed rack, Y axis toothed rack, Z axis recirculating ball screw
  • Machine table: Aluminium top table with plane surface
  • Clamping station: Vacuum clamping device, 1 vacuum clamping circuit per table
  • Protection device: Swivel doors at the front, safety guard with 1 door at the rear side of the gantry
  • Working envelope in 3- and 5-axis operation: Conditions Tool dia. 160 mm, total tool length 160 mm X = 1,500 mm, Y = 1,250 mm, Z = 420 mm
  • Travel speeds: X = 45 m/min, Y = 45 m/min, Z = 24 m/min, A/B = 10,000 °/min
  • Driving dynamics: Acceleration X, Y, Z: idle running 3 m/sec2, operation feed 1.5 m/sec2
  • Tool changer: Werkzeugkettenmagazin, Magazinplätze 12 (Standard), 16, 24, 32 möglich D 160 mm, GL 160 mm, (D 90 mm bei 24, 32er Magazin) Werkzeuggewicht max. 6 kg, Sägeblatt bis max. 350 mm Æ belegt 3 Ablageplätze (5 bei 24, 32er Mag.) Sägeblatt max D 450 von Sonderablegeplatz
  • Installation details: Machine weight: approx. 10,000 kg with Z axis stroke 1,500, Required space: approx. 6,000 x 5,000 x 3,600 (w x d x h) incl. operation and safety space.


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